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Dental Plans

We go beyond the one-size-fits-all concept and offer you a line of traditional indemnity dental programs that can only be referred to as made-to-order.

Managed Care/PPO
Our managed care dental products help you balance between cost and member choice by tailoring a plan that fulfills your specific needs.

Dental Rewards®
Wouldn’t it be great if you could reward your members for practicing good oral wellness? With Dental Reward’s increasing annual maximum feature, members can “earn” additional money toward future years’ annual maximums. That way the money is available when they need it most.

Value Source®
We think quality dental plans should be affordable. That’s why we offer Value Source, a plan that provides quality benefits at a reasonable price.  With a combination of traditional benefits and savvy cost controls, we’ll help keep expenses in check.

Your members know their personal needs better than we do. That’s why we created FUSION, one plan featuring both dental and vision. Now, your members have complete control to apply their benefits where they need them most.

With coverage options that center around good dental care basics, EssentialDental is designed to keep smiles healthy and costs low.

Small Group Trust
Are you searching for a dental plan that works well for small groups? Try our Preferred Dental Protection PlanSM (PDPSM) and choose from three different designs.

You don’t need a lot of money to offer competitive benefits.  With our voluntary plans, you provide the benefits and your members voluntarily sign up and pay all or most of the cost.

These voluntary plans offer members two dental procedure reimbursement levels with two corresponding premiums (high or low). All in one policy.

We’re here to help make your life easier.  Here to provide simplicity to your self-funded benefit plans.  As your members’ claims come to us for processing, we pay the claims and then notify you of the cost each week.  We’ve got you covered, one claim at a time.

Dual Option
We’ve been in the business of providing quality group benefits long enough to know that people have different needs.  That’s why we’ve created our Dual Option Plans.  They give you the freedom to offer your members one plan with two choices.  That way they can choose the right coverage at the right price.

$ensible Choice®
For dental benefits that are easy to understand and easy to use, $ensible Choice bases reimbursement on the dollar amount of your plan member's expense for dental care -- not on benefit types or procedure categories.  And, depending on your needs and goals, ASO and qualifying fully insured groups can choose whether to include a set of smart cost management tools that help keep benefit costs predictable, rates stable.

LASIK Advantage®
With LASIK Advantage, members can get benefits for a number of popular, well-established laser vision correction procedures. Benefits increase over time and can be added to virtually all of our dental plans.

Vision Plans

We do everything in our power to make sure you and your employees are satisfied. That includes offering Focus, our vision plans featuring the VSP Vision Care nationwide network. Choose a VSP provider for savings and satisfaction.

Vision Perfect®
We understand that when it comes to benefits, surprises are a bad thing. That's why we offer Vision Perfect. This plan is based on a schedule of benefits, so members will know exactly what's covered and what to expect. The plan also offers increasing annual benefits so members have more benefits dollars each year on the plan.

We created a complete vision plan that features the EyeMed Vision Care Access and Select nationwide networks. Now your employees have convenient service that fits their busy lives.

Dual or Triple Choice Vision
We offer dual and triple choice vision plans, which allow policyholders to select two or three plan options for members to choose from: Vision Perfect, ViewPointe and Focus.

Hearing Care Plans

Thanks to the cranked-up volume of modern life, hearing loss is becoming a major health concern. It's striking at younger ages than ever before, and the problem is expected to grow. Our new SoundCare coverage options for hearing exams, hearing aids and hearing aid maintenance are sound advice for a competitive benefits package.

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